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First Set of Prints

Screen printing was a lot of fun and frustration yesterday. Thankfully, my great friend Christina was there to assist/”manage”/motivate. I learned the hard way that when prepping images for screen printing, any black on the transparency is what will not be inked because the black is what blocks the light from setting the emulsion on the screen. All the clear parts on the transparency will be inked when you actually print. After some strategic planning on how to best print it and figuring out the amount of ink to use for each print (what can I say, I have a heavy hand), we were good to go! I used the Speedball Opaque Iridescent Screen Printing Ink in Raspberry and printed on super fine white paper from Paper Source. I didn’t have time to print everything I prepared, but there’s always next time! My goal for the night is to post these on my (sad and empty) Etsy page,, before I go on vacation :)


One thought on “First Set of Prints

  1. did you put them up already? i think I might need one for my house somewhere..they’re so cute! and I love the unfinished edges. they’re so raw that way. hope we get to see you this weekend!

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