Amethyst Ring from Moorea Seal

photo credit: Moorea Seal

I hated many things when I was a kid, like other (mean) kids, baseball (my dad always watched games during dinner time, when I wanted to watch Nickelodeon), and purple (green was such a better color). Fast forward ~20 years, and now I am an educator, a San Francisco Giants fan, and half my wardrobe is purple. Go figure.

My disdain for purple naturally meant that I hated my birthstone, amethyst. I remember looking through charts as a tween and wishing I was born in May because their birthstone was emerald (of course). Those lucky people! But when I saw these amethyst rings from Moorea Seal on her blog & Etsy, I knew right away that I just HAD to get one. And not just for the color, but well.. for myself.

The ring is absolutely perfect. It’s big and bold, a double ring, the prettiest shade of purple, and all mine :)

photo credit: Moorea Seal


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