Behind The Camera

On photography.

Incorporating photography into one’s every day life is easier when you have great equipment, but knowing how to use it is another story. I’ve had a Nikon D70s for many years now, but never got around to learning how to use it. I even looked into some promising courses but didn’t expect to have to give up my unborn child for them (boy were they expensive!), so reading books and blogs to try to pick up some techniques will have to do for now. I’m mostly learning through trial and error, which I really like — just makes any successes that much sweeter.

I’m hoping to have some great photos to document life. Things change so rapidly nowadays that I want to be able to remember every thing I can, from where I go to what I eat to what we celebrate. Also, my family is spread across many cities and countries, and photography is a great way to be able to stay connected even if we don’t see each other every day. Being able to do that is the true beauty of photography.

The photo above was taken with my HTC EVO, which takes great photos as well!


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