DIY Headboard

I’ve been meaning to make a headboard for our bedroom after lusting over this Urban Outfitters headboard and finding this DIY project (who had the same reasoning as I did to opt for a DIY version). The velvet, the nail heads.. just love it! And although it didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to, I really like it still. Maybe it was all the sweat I put into it :)

{Teddy & Krokeshi}

Although I love the look of nail heads on a headboard, I opted to make a thicker headboard instead so that it would be more comfortable to sit against. The nail heads I found at my local Joann Fabrics were only 7/16th of an inch long, which would definitely not stay in place in almost 2 inches of foam and plywood. I’m determined to find longer nail heads though, which would be easy to add to the headboard I made today.

+ plywood, about 1/2 inch thick; width should be as wide as your bed (60 inches for a queen); height about 34 inches (48 inches pictured); $14
+ fabric, about 2.5 yards; $32
+ 2 full/queen size mattress toppers (I used 2 for a thicker headboard); $26
+ staple gun & staples

1. Lay down your fabric, front side down. Make sure you iron it beforehand if it’s wrinkled. I chose a suede-like fabric, which I believe is made of polyester, that I hope can be wiped clean if necessary.
2. Lay on top of the fabric the mattress toppers, flat side down.
3. Carefully lay down and center the plywood on top of the mattress topper. You’ll want the mattress topper to wrap around the edge of the plywood so you will have cushioned edges.
4. Pull taut the fabric, making sure there’s at least 2-3 inches on each side of the headboard. This will make stapling the fabric down much easier.
5. Staple down individual layers onto the plywood, starting with the mattress topper layer(s). Continue until you have stapled down the fabric on all sides, pulling it taut as you go along. Pay extra care to corners! I like to folder over the fabric at the corner, staple down, fold in the sides (like a present), and staple some more.
6. My headboard measures 60 inches wide and 48 inches high, giving it plenty of height to stand on its own. If you opt to make a shorter headboard, you can hang it on your wall with a picture frame hanging kit or nail in 2 wooden legs to your headboard so it can stand on its own.

Watch out world, I’m armed (with a staple gun) and dangerous! :)


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