Food Pusher

Caramel Apple Smores

The BF’s sister, R, makes the best sweet treats ever! I was lucky to catch her on a weekend she was making caramel apples and we kinda went crazy with it. We topped some off with chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite) and then made a “smores” version (caramel apple with a layer of graham crackers, dipped in chocolate, and covered with mini marshmallows). Some of them didn’t turn out as pretty as she usually makes them, but I’m workin’ on it! I was also experimenting with taking indoor photos on the DSLR and failed a bit, but it’s ok! Fun times :)

Caramels, ready to be melted

Apples ready for dipping

Don’t stop twirling!

Packing on the marshmallows, after it was dipped in graham crackers and chocolate

Kitty cat! Ok, she’s not on the menu but isn’t she pretty? I wanted to pet her so bad but I’m allergic to cats (boo).


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