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Season’s Eatings – Holiday Recipes Part 1

I had my cousins over for our annual gift exchange a few days ago, and this was my very IKEA table setting. Nothing fancy but of course the picture shows the bunting that was gifted to me from the BF’s cousin and fellow crafter, Jamie. I love it! She also made me a matching yellow striped stand mixer cover :) Our dinner was somewhat of a potluck, so in addition to the following recipes, we also had a pesto pasta, turkey, homemade bread and garlic butter, and bread pudding. Here are the dishes I made:

Cioppino (seafood stew)
I really like this recipe for a quick seafood stew. Just make sure you don’t put too much seafood in. I skipped the crab and doubled the fish as suggested, but I felt that it was just too much fish. I used a little bit over a pound of shrimp as well, which was also way too much. Stick to a pound of each. Also, I do not recommend making this in a Dutch oven because the seafood will continue cooking after you turn off the stove and/or put a lid on it. Otherwise, the flavors were great, and even better with some Tabasco!

Roast Beef with Caramelized Shallots
The best meat dish I’ve ever made, probably because I finally bought myself a meat thermometer. The caramelized shallots were quite tasty too. Martha Stewart recipes never fail!

Herbed Mushrooms with White Wine
Thought this would complement the cioppino well. Again, a very easy to make dish. Just don’t forget the garlic like I did! The mushrooms didn’t soak up the white wine like the recipe suggested, so don’t fret if your mushrooms cook through before then.

We had so much food leftover, it was a no brainer what the BF and I would eat the next day. With the leftover bread, beef, and turkey, we made mini-sandwiches for breakfast. For lunch, we had some of the pasta and more meat. Lastly, we made a box of cornbread stuffing and finished the meat and garlic bread for dinner. I’m all meat’d out!

Banana Nutella Muffin Tops
With 2 really ripe bananas and my new muffin top pan (thanks cousin!), I couldn’t resist making really fluffy muffin tops! I had some Nutella to spare so you know that did not get left out of this recipe. Instead of 2 cups of brown sugar, I used one cup and added a cup of Nutella (although 1/2 cup would have been fine too). Delish!

After our potluck dinner, we all headed out to Alameda to visit Christmas Tree Lane. I’m always super jealous of houses that are decked out in Christmas lights and decor, so it’s fun to go and see blocks worth of such festive houses!

I’ll be cooking Christmas dinner for the family tomorrow, so Part 2 will soon be on its way! Happy holidays :)


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