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Season’s Eatings – Holiday Recipes Part 2

Hope everyone had a good holiday :) I had a semi-fail Christmas in terms of cooking, but it’s alright because we had a good time anyway, especially with the post-dinner Skype session we had with our Canadian family. Before I begin to share my disappointments, here’s a picture of our cutest guest at Christmas dinner:

Onion Roasted Potatoes
Even though the recipe didn’t call for it, I pre-cooked the potatoes in some boiling water before cutting them up and mixing them with the onion mix and olive oil. They then finished off in the oven with the prime rib, and turned out well. Next time I’m going to be very generous with the olive oil!

Prime Rib Roast
After my successful roast beef a few days ago, I was feeling pretty confident going in to make this prime rib. But I was so caught up chatting with others, I forgot to take out the roast to come to room temperature for a good hour before it goes into the oven. Big mistake. The roast didn’t cook evenly, but thankfully most of it was pretty delicious anyway. I love it medium rare, and it was bordering moo-ing at us! My dad gave it his stamp of approval, which is hard to come by if you know the man.

Rack of “Lamb”
While at Costco with my mom a few weeks ago, we bought what we thought was a rack of lamb. Neither of us bothered to look at the label, and it didn’t even occur to us after prepping it that it was not red meat like lamb should be, but white meat. Like a rack of pork. Doh! When it didn’t cook in 25 minutes, I realized we had ourselves a problem. Luckily there was more than enough food to go around! Next time, I’m triple checking the label.

Fun times though! The BF and I hopped in the car today and drove down to the Los Angeles area to spend a few days working and visiting his family. I brought my whole arsenal of technology with me to keep me busy while he’s working, so hopefully I’ll have something to show for it (in terms of blogging)!


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