Sewing Bug

Sewing Project #1: Drawstring Bag

A few days ago I tried making a drawstring bag but failed super miserably. It’s still half sewn with knots and will permanently be in my pile of shame. I think I finally got the hang of it though and made two bags today! They’re double lined so they’re nice and thick. I started with this tutorial from the purl bee, but improvised it because I wanted it to be double lined. Still have a lot to learn but at least it’s pretty fun :) Thanks to the BF and Jamie for the encouragement! Here are some pics:

I think fabric hoarding may be in my future.. as if I don’t already have that problem with paper. I’m scared.


8 thoughts on “Sewing Project #1: Drawstring Bag

  1. jamie says:

    If you start hoarding….you’ll fit in with this family just fine :)
    I’m so excited that you got started with this, there’s a whole world of creativity ahead…

  2. That is seriously cute material you have used – inside and out. I think I am going to have to give this ago too.. just hope I can find cute material like yours.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Gloria! I purchased the fabric at my local Jo-ann Fabrics. I thought the inside was reminiscent of leaves, which kind of complimented the leaves/nature theme on the outside. Not to mention that the inside is such a pretty shade of yellow!

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