Sewing Bug

Sewing Project #2: chevron pillow

While at IKEA on a mission to buy throw pillows for which I’d sew covers for, I remembered they had a great by-the-yard canvas section! I picked up a few yards of thick back striped canvas, thin yellow striped canvas, and blank canvas. Perfect opportunity to make a chevron patterned pillow!

I used this tutorial by Dana Made It and it worked out well. It was a pain in the butt cutting up the strips but once I got the hang of it, it all worked out. I only had one yard of fabric though, so only the front of the pillow is a chevron pattern. The back is blank canvas. Also, instead of sewing the whole thing shut, I made it an envelope style case, which turned out OK. There’s a 2 inch gap between the two fabrics because I didn’t measure it to allow for the fluffiness of the pillow. Oh well, I can live with it :) GREAT! I couldn’t live with it afterall – I took it apart and fixed it :)


3 thoughts on “Sewing Project #2: chevron pillow

  1. now that I am looking at the close-ups of the pillow, you did a fabulous job! it looks so professional too. I made one pillow cover so far, still need to make 3 more of the same material. I have an idea for the other four, just need to go get more material.

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