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Compressor Cake

..for my audio engineer BF’s birthday. It’s my first fondant covered cake and it was a good challenge. I made and froze the cake layers one night, shaped the red fondant panel and all the knobs the next night, and then assembled everything (with frosting and the big sheet of black fondant) the night before we were going to serve it. I was able to round out one corner of the fondant (super proud of my newbie self for that one) but the rest ripped, hence the rectangles covering the corners :P I totally did not have the right fondant sticking ingredient/mechanism either because the knobs fell off one after another. Everything on the red panel kept sliding down, and by the time we ate the cake in the evening, it was a big ol’ mess. It wasn’t a pretty sight, so I’m glad I snapped these pics before I left! Fun stuff overall though. I have (literally) tons of black fondant to use for.. Valentine’s Day? Hmmm..

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Cake Recipe
Luscious Lemon Frosting


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