D for Donna

26 on 2/6

Photo & genius tutorial from I Am Baker

Happy birthday to me :) Twenty-six is my favorite number so you can say I’m excited to be turning that many fingers and toes this year. Coupled with Chinese New Year and other birthdays, it’s my favorite time of the year. Here are some things I hope to do during my 26th year of breathing, in no particular order:

Take a letterpress class
Take a photography class
Go indoor rock climbing
Apply for a booth at a craft fair
Make/master chocolate/Nutella souffle
Make a decent fondant covered cake
Double my total sales in my Etsy store
Sew an article of clothing
Sew something with a zipper
Make photobook of the new house
Make family photobook
Visit family in China &or Canada
Use my yoga Groupon
Make this Challah Scarf
& more, TBD

Can’t think of anymore with this cold I’m nursing. Toodles! :)


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