mini facelift

Updated a few things on this here blog. Nothing super fancy, just got tired of looking at a white background. I used an awesome stripe generator I discovered via Katrina at Pugly Pixel to make the stripes for the background. I made 2 striped backgrounds from the stripe generator, both at 45 degree angles going in opposite directions. I opened them up in Photoshop and connected them so they were mirror images of each other (some rotating is involved), creating an upside down V. Save as an image, tile as a background in your blog/Twitter/project and voila! Quick and easy chevron background.

I’m kindasortareally obsessed with stripes right now.


3 thoughts on “mini facelift

  1. vee says:

    dude, listening to my 90’s music mix and reading your blog about graphic design is making me miss is so much. we need a come back. well, you kinda already are coming back so i guess i’m on my own.

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