Food Pusher

me want Girl Scout cookies!

This week has truly been a test of my character, patience, and confidence in both my personal and professional lives. I have never felt so challenged before, but it feels good. Stressful, but good. Sometimes I can’t let go of the day’s events and my head clouds up with what-if’s well into the evening, but I think that just proves my passion for what I do.

What got me through yesterday’s rough events was buying Girl Scout cookies from a student. Sounds funny but it’s one of those novelties that I look forward to every year. Samoas are my favorite and I’ve already had more than the recommended serving. Stress eat much? Yea, but it’s okay. Girl Scout cookies are a once a year thing (thank goodness)!


2 thoughts on “me want Girl Scout cookies!

  1. You know…I’m not a big GS cookie fan! I bought several boxes from my coworker’s daughter last year and they sat in my pantry for months! I eventually had to toss them out.

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