Behind The Camera, Food Pusher

{new goal} Nikon DSLR cake

via Baked by Jen

One of the goals I listed for my 26th year of breathing was making a decent fondant covered cake. Well I’m upping the ante and adding another one: to make a Nikon DSLR cake like the one above made by Baked by Jen. Isn’t it awesome?!

While on the topic of DSLRs, I love the new lens I recently bought for my Nikon. I’m still learning how to use the camera itself but man do lenses make a difference! Next on my list of accessories: a Speedlight. Over the weekend, I used a friend/fellow hobbyist’s camera with one attached and I was convinced. I had always put off buying accessories for my camera because I thought I was going to replace it with a different model, but now I can’t stop! I swear, if it’s not paper, it’s fabric. And now camera accessories. Fun fun :)


4 thoughts on “{new goal} Nikon DSLR cake

  1. My sister-in-law is great at making fondant cakes like this! I will have to have her make me a cake like this for my 30th! And the 35 mm is a GREAT lens!! One of my faves in my camera bag! And yes, a speedlight is important. Still a fan of natural light, but a flash always comes in handy, especially in the winter.

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