Day 1 of Bikram Yoga

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A few months ago, my cousin and I bought a yoga coupon from one of those Groupon-like sites. Our goal was to get ourselves in shape but uh, yea didn’t happen. We finally went this past weekend and it was one heck of a challenge.  I had 3 bottles of water the night before and 2 in the morning in preparation for the heat. It felt like my organs were swimming! Being well hydrated really kept me going though. I tried all but 2-3 poses because I was too busy trying not to faint. In the end, I left soaking wet from the sweating but with a new sense of energy. Must. go. back.

Crossing yoga off my goal list, woohoo!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 of Bikram Yoga

  1. I purchased 10 classes that I had to use in a years time. I only went to 3 classes in the entire year :o/ I felt so guilty about losing all that money, but being a room of strangers and putting my hiney in the air was a little terrifying to say the least! If I had a buddy like you to to go with, I’m sure it would have been a very different experience!

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