time for Easter!

Last Easter, the BF and I got his nephews Elmo baskets and filled them up to the brim with candy and race cars. It was pretty nice, I’m sure.. until the inevitable sugar high! This year I opted for less sweets and added some other things too, like a Slinky Jr., bubbles, and Goldfish crackers. I’m sure they won’t notice a difference :P

I tried to make Goldfish “carrots” with piping bags and ribbon, but clear plastic piping bags were nowhere to be found. Pretty disappointing. Cutting the tops off of Ziploc bags failed as well (I wanted to preserve the corner but it made too wide of an opening). In the end, I settled with pretzel bags, which did the trick. Now I just need to find a use for all these dang pretzel bags!

I also made some Rice Krispie treats and tried molding them into eggs. It was hot and sticky but so yummy. Almost forgot how good Rice Krispie treats were! Since this was a trial batch, I just sprinkled pastel-colored sugar onto them. For Easter Sunday’s batch, I’m thinking of making some marshmallow fondant and decorating them a little more. We’ll see how much time I have :)


4 thoughts on “time for Easter!

  1. Cindy @ milk tea + polkadots says:

    I’ve never heard of pretzel bags before. Love your idea of making carrots with them and goldfish…and the whole Easter basket! I should make one for my nephews next year. :)

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