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the photography workshop

On Sunday morning, I headed out for an 8 hour day at my first photography workshop with an amazing wedding photographer. I have always wanted to be more serious about photography so I knew I had to splurge on the workshop when I learned about it. What a day but I don’t think it was long enough! I tried to be like a sponge and soak up as much information as possible while in the “classroom”, but as I quickly learned, it’s more about putting what you’ve learned to use in the field. That’s where you’ll learn the most.

I didn’t get very many good photos during the workshop but I think our critiquing session of what we shot was extremely helpful in teaching me why. It was hard hearing what you did wrong (and boy did they have a lot to say) but like with anything else – cooking, dancing, & heck, counseling too, that’s how you learn. I think my main problem is getting too caught up with the aperature/shutter speeed/ISO numbers and overthinking how they all interact. Must practice more!

While in the critiquing session, we discussed why a shot like this of shoes works. Why would someone like that sort of photo? I like them because for me, it symbolizes a journey, a path that someone (or two people as was the case in the example photo we were given) has chosen to take. A “walk in my shoes” kind of thing. Hope that made sense. Please excuse my dirty shoes too ;)


3 thoughts on “the photography workshop

  1. Glad yu had fun at your workshop! I took one last summer and it totally took my photography to the next level. I would love to do another one down the road. I’m a hands-on learner so I find them very helpful!

  2. How fun! Love the shoes, but I am shoe freak;) I’ve always wanted to take a workshop , they all seem so expensive though for a novice like myself.

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