Food Pusher

Tonight’s Dinner: Chicken Pho

After the photography workshop the other day, I came home to the sweet smell of chicken pho made from scratch! The BF had spent the day cooking (lucky me :). He even made a ginger scallion oil sauce for dipping (for me, a must with chicken pho). Every time he cooks, I always ask him how he made it because it always turns out so much better than my own version. And just like my mom, he never uses measurements so I’m never able to duplicate his yummy food. Luckily, there was enough leftovers for a couple nights of dinner, so I don’t have to cook after I get home late from work/yoga :)


5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Chicken Pho

  1. Congrats on that photography workshop! I can only imagine how much you learned from it. And this photo is making my mouth water.

    I see that you’re a reader and possibly a friend of my cousin Tami’s! Is that right?

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