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Easter weekend

crochet duckies made by the BF’s other crafty cousin, Mary

This year’s Easter party had the works: Easter egg hunt, jumpy house, crocheted duckies, ham, turkey, lamb, chocolate fountain, 3 kinds of dip, 3 kinds of salad, cake, cupcakes.. not to mention great company! The BF and I also teamed up to make a cake to celebrate his newphew’s 3rd birthday. We got a ton of different responses when we asked the kiddo what kind of cake he wanted, from T-Rex to bowling to poo poo cakes, but we finally settled on a tractor cake.

Don’t look too hard or you’ll notice all the flaws. I Googled “tractor cake” and got some good ideas on how to assemble one but it was almost disastrous because I forgot to do one thing: level the cake layers. What a rookie mistake! With some master frosting skills, the BF’s sister saved it and we moved on to the next big headache.. marshmallow fondant. The BF worked hard to make and color all the fondant but we didn’t have enough time to let it sit before covering the actual cake. The fondant was hard and difficult to mold, so we had some big creases and cracks at the corners. To hide them, we spread green frosting on the tray and on the cracks, then covered it with crumbled chocolate graham crackers (to resemble dirt) and gummy worms. It was a lot of work and I even had a nightmare about it Saturday night, but I’m glad everyone liked the cake :)

Fondant covered cakes, I will master you (someday)!


7 thoughts on “Easter weekend

  1. jamie says:

    (am I the other crafty cousin?)

    Love Kyle’s response…a poo poo cake? That would’ve been much easier to make actually….

    I think the cake turned out nice!! Can you make one for me one day?

    • Donna says:

      Of course you are! Yes poo poo cake would have been 100x easier actually. That kid says the funniest things! I’ll make you a sewing machine cake and pray that it won’t collapse. I’ve been planning one out just for the heck of it.

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