knit hearts

I did it! My first attempt was a big fat fail – it turned out flat and tangled because I missed a few steps. The second one (pictured) turned out much better as it was pretty easy once I got the hang of it. Some parts are messed up though, like the top where I used the kitchener stitch, but it’s close enough. I wonder if I can make a giant knit heart with larger needles and thick yarn/cord/whatever. It’d make a cute pillow!

Here are the instructions and some helpful videos that got me through it:
Little Hearts Pattern
Figure 8 Cast On – not the best video but it helps
M1 or Make One stitch – increasing stitches; if the pattern doesn’t distinguish between M1 left or M1 right, use M1 left
SSK or Slip Slip Knit – decreasing stitches
Kitchener Stitch – for weaving together stitches


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