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moistest cake ever.

via Baking = Love

I came across a recipe for a Lemon Raspberry & Yoghurt Roses Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting via Baking = Love and knew I had to make it for Mother’s Day. Not only is it simply gorgeous, Nessie made it sound so yummy! Wanting to marry a cake? That says a lot. I knew it would not disappoint and I was so right. This is by far the moistest cake I’ve ever had/made, even after sitting in the fridge overnight! I dug into it right out of the oven because it smelled so good. Thankfully there was enough cake batter for a few more layers or I’d be in trouble! The recipe was enough for two 8 inch rounds and one 6×6 inch square.

Nessie’s cream cheese frosting recipe also did not disappoint. At first I thought there was a typo — 7 or 8 cups of powdered sugar?! But it was just right to balance the 800g of cream cheese (or 3.5 packages of 8 oz cream cheese). I think I may have overmixed the frosting though because my roses were a little saggy on the sides of the cake. Nothing a visit to the fridge couldn’t fix though!


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