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new house update

Last Friday, my brother & I went to the construction site of my parents’ new house and measured every single room, living room, hallway, whatever that would need furniture. My plan is to pick out everything we need to buy now so when we get the green light for furniture delivery, we can purchase it immediately instead of starting the hunt for the furniture then. Then if something doesn’t fit or needs to be returned, it won’t prolong the process. That’s the plan at least. We estimate everything will be complete in 1-2 months and couldn’t be happier.

My brother and I have both been taking photos of the construction process every time we have gone to visit. It’s pretty amazing to see the progress, so much that I got choked up looking at all of the pics. I’m putting all of the pictures into a book to give to my parents to remember this whole process by, which won’t even come close to symbolizing all they have been through to get to this point but I sure hope they’ll appreciate it. Here are some new pics of the house so far:


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