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good eats from the weekend

Happy 4th! I’m spending the long weekend in Sacramento and the heat is no joke. 95+ degrees for the past 3 days so far. I’ve managed to not tan either, which probably means I’ve been staying indoors too much to avoid the sun. I definitely miss my San Francisco “summer”. Besides lounging around and some shopping, we tried out a couple of new-to-me restaurants too.

Fox & Goose Pub – I had the delicious corn beef hash (made with house roasted brisket) with an amazing ollalieberry scone with Devonshire cream (forgot to take a picture). I think I’d go back just for the scones!

One Speed Pizza – This was a cute little place that tied in a bicycle theme very well. I had the roasted chicken with poached eggs and shiitake mushroom potato hash.

Ettore’s – I left this bakery with 4 slices of cake and 4 fruit tarts. So good! Pictured above is the princess torte and one of the fruit tarts. The tart shell was covered in chocolate and encrusted in almonds. I’m going to have to try making that next time. Not pictured are the white raspberry cheesecake, Kahlua cake, and lemon chiffon cake, all of which I would get again in a heartbeat.


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