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Blurb book #1: the new house

This weekend, I finally started working on the Blurb book for the new house. My brother sent over his photos via Dropbox (love them!) and I’ve been putting them together in Blurb’s book making program, BookSmart. I thought about making my own layout in Adobe InDesign, but I figure it would take too long for such a huge book with so many photos. Maybe next time for something simpler.

The 2 page spread shown above is my favorite so far. The 4 rows on the left page show photos from each floor (ground, 2nd, 3rd, and roof) and the right page shows the set of stairs going up to the roof. There are a lot of different options for layouts but I mostly stuck with small squares and full page bleeds.

I made the BIG mistake of not editing the photos before starting the Blurb book. Some of the pictures were either blurry (but you can’t tell when it’s in your layout on BookSmart) or they were too dark. If you edit them AFTER you have already placed them in your layout, BookSmart will recognize (some) of them and will ask if you want to replace the old photo with the new one. Great stuff, but I wish it did that for all of the photos I edited instead of having to manually change out every single photo. Lesson learned.

So far I’m done with up to the house’s current state – appliances, shutters, and furniture free. Once the appliances are in, the contractor and his team are going to finish up odds and ends, and clean up everything. I think then I’ll take one last set of photos before we furnish, and then another set when we are “done” furnishing. I’m sure it will take us forever to be completely done furnishing but close enough to show the space is good enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Blurb book #1: the new house

  1. Hey, well done on all your work with this! I’ll be interested to know what their print quality is like. I’ve been wanting to do a blog book for Cameron’s blog for some time now and had been thinking of using Blurb.
    Ronnie xo

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