Feels Like Home

new house nightmares.

The past few weeks have been heavy on the new home stuff, mainly furniture and appliances.. so much that I’ve had 3 dreams/nightmares about it in the past week alone. Lucky me.

After not being able to deliver and install the refrigerators twice because of issues with the stairs and wiring, we finally had everything ready for the 3rd attempt. Ultimately, the refrigerators could not fit up the stairs so the contractors will have to use a crane to lift it up and through the front windows. The night of the 3rd and final failed attempt, I had a nightmare that the kitchen cabinets and appliances came to life a la Transformers and although we did not engage in a full on battle, it sure felt like it was them against lil ol’ me.

Much like with the lighting, I’ve been looking online and in-stores for the perfect sofa and bed frame (with storage) for myself and my parents. My mom will fall in love with one set and declare that it’s the one {Pottery Barn, Sumatra Storage bed}, ask me what I plan to get {a bed from West Elm, although I haven’t entirely decided yet}, then says “Really? I’ll get that too then,” without thinking about her or my dad’s the-pricier-and-gaudier-the-better style. After spending days with my mom and going to all the stores we could think of to look at furniture, I had one of those nights of sleep where you feel like you’re wide awake running measurements, prices, colors, materials, and styles through your head.. the entire night.

And lastly, my mom and I were discussing whether to rent or sell their current house and without fail, that night I dreamt my mom set up an open house for their current, newly remodeled house to potential renters and over 50 people showed up that I had to give tours to and yada dada. Another restless night of sleep.

Whew. I needed a mental break and so I’ve started planning the housewarming party even though it’s months and months away. Hopefully I won’t have dreams of being attacked by chow mein and cupcakes tonight!


One thought on “new house nightmares.

  1. Wow!! Sounds like you have a lot of your plate now, but I’m sure it will all be worth in the end! BTW – I love West Elm and that bed is both chic and functional! Great pick if you decide to go that route :)

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