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living room mock ups

When I think about the layout of the living room, I envision something spacious that also maximizes the space that we have. I drew up some living room mock ups in Photoshop for my mom so she can visualize everything without having to rely on her to envision it herself (not always easy in Chinese). For myself, I think my favorite is layout #2, since a chaise is less formal and will probably get more use. For my parents, however, I’m thinking of a single, comfy, cushioned chair that will be more formal. I initially had reservations about blocking access to the living room from the bottom/closet wall, but a 25 inch walkway along the back of the couch just isn’t enough space (see layout #3 where the furniture is centered and there are two walkways). I’d rather close off one end and make the window side walkway bigger. Anyway, just the basics right now. Decorating is my favorite part!!


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