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Tonight’s Dinner: Indian curry

The BF and I probably eat Indian curry at least once a week, so needless to say, it’s one of our favorite cuisines. We usually get basmati rice and naan with either lamb tikka masala, veggie korma, &or baingan bharta. I’ve never actually cooked Indian curry before but found these little packs of Indian curry sauces that you just add meat or veggies and cream to and thought it was worth trying. Perfect with the saffron rice that we randomly bought not too long ago. When I saw the naan recipe on Elise’s blog the other day, I knew it was time to make an Indian dinner!

Homemade naan didn’t turn out as I’d hope because I didn’t add enough flour to it nor did I give the dough enough time to rise. I also didn’t roll the dough out like the instructions said to because the dough was so sticky (because of the lack of flour.. woe is me). Otherwise the naan was good, just a little on the thick side and not as fluffy as it is in restaurants.

Saffron rice was good but definitely high in calories. I’d get it again though, ha! (I’m a carb monster by nature.)

Chicken (Thigh) Tikka Masala was really good but the sauce was on the watery side. Not sure why it didn’t thicken up after adding cream.

Veggie Korma was okay – the sauce was more creamy than curry-like but the flavors were there. I think if I made it in a smaller pot on lower flame it would have been saucier (because it wouldn’t have boiled to death).

Overall it was a yummy dinner :) Not in line with my diet but hands down the best meal of my week!


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