DIY striped French memo board

A few weeks ago, the BF’s mom gave me some embroidery frames that she had in storage. I’m not one to say no to free things, especially free crafty things, so I took a few home with me to hoard make some memo boards with. This style frame was my favorite and the 9×9 inch size was perfect for my new, compact work office. I initially wanted to make a pushpin board but knew that the fabric would eventually be riddled with holes (couldn’t do that to my favorite striped fabric). Instead I opted for a French memo board style where you can just slip papers/memos/photos in and out. Works for me!

9×9 inch embroidery frame
canvas stretcher bars to fit the frame
canvas/fabric of your choice, 12×12 inch
foam cushion cut to size or stuffing
9×9 inch cardboard
nail gun

Assemble the stretcher bars to create the inside of the frame to which you will attach the canvas/fabric to. With the frame face down and the fabric on top (also face down), insert assembled stretcher bars into frame. If your fabric has a print, check to make sure the print is straight or visible on the right side of the frame before stapling the fabric to the stretcher bars. When fabric is aligned, staple fabric to stretcher bar, making sure everything is taut. I wasn’t too worried about corners not being flat because it made the frame fit more snug. Remove the frame insert and line up your ribbon onto the fabric in your pattern of choice. Traditionally, French memo boards have a diagonal ribbon pattern with buttons at each intersection but since this frame is so small, I opted to just make horizontal and diagonal lines. Staple down, insert the piece back into the frame, and now you’re ready to stuff it! I used a polyester filling but I think a piece of thick foam would have been better and would have created a more even memo board surface. Staple a piece of cardboard to the back of the frame to hold everything in and voila! You’re done. I love my staple gun.


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