D for Donna

goodbye summer! {part 1}

To sum up Summer 2011: a lot of nothing (in a good way).  I had no vacations or getaways planned – nothing planned really. I stopped setting an alarm for the next morning and woke up when my body said so. The sofa, Netflix, and I quickly became best friends since a goal of mine was to not spend money, which inevitably led to steady weight gain (I’m back to pre-summer weight now, thank goodness). Family visited from overseas and I spent a few weekends in Sacramento where the weather was actually summer-like. I worked on some crafty projects and even blogged every day for one week (a first for me). To top it all off, the BF had a 5 day weekend (unheard of!) that coincided with my last weekend of summer. See, a lot of good “nothing”.

thank you, fortune cookie

Tomorrow I’ll start my new post as a middle school counselor. It’s a new grade level for me but I’m up for the challenge. I’m grateful to be able to have my own class, to not be in a temporary position anymore (well, to a certain extent since you never know with budgets…), and to be working alongside a great friend of mine. I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions, both ups and downs, but I’ve concluded that it’s normal and I’m going to take this (my career) one step at a time.

Overall I’m feeling good, feeling great. Things are coming together and I’m hoping the same for all <3


2 thoughts on “goodbye summer! {part 1}

  1. Starting a new position is always a mix bag, but I hope it’s more positive things in your case :) Enjoy whatever’s left of your vacay!!

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