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goodbye summer! {part 2} Nutella ice cream

Homemade Nutella ice cream at that ;)

I traded in my credit card rewards points for the KitchenAid stand mixer ice cream maker attachment and was determined to make a yummy ice cream this past weekend. I even bought an ice cream recipe book (on sale of course) and fiddled with some online recipes (Bourbon ice cream? cantaloupe? Bourbon cantaloupe?!) but finally decided on my go-to flavor, Nutella. Probably my favorite Nutella flavored creation yet.

Kermit, hard at work

Making your own ice cream takes a lot of patience (not my middle name :). There’s a lot of double boiling, chilling, freezing, freeeeezing, churning, more freezing, and waiting involved, but the end result was well worth it. I’m already thinking about the next batches – vanilla and lychee!

end result

I didn’t use a specific recipe but it was basically an ice cream custard base recipe + 3 heaping tablespoons of Nutella. I let the Nutella melt in the custard before I pulled it off the stove, but I’m sure you can add the Nutella when the custard is in the ice cream mixer to create Nutella ribbons too. Actually, that may create a more pronounced Nutella flavor (how many times have I said Nutella already?!). When the custard mixture was thoroughly chilled, I put it in the mixer and let ‘er rip for 30 minutes. Recipes will tell you to freeze churned ice cream for 2 hours but I say keep it in longer so it stabilizes more. After 2 hours, it was of a malt consistency, but was perfect after about 5 hours of freezing.

Happy summer! :)


3 thoughts on “goodbye summer! {part 2} Nutella ice cream

  1. Nutella ice cream?! Yum! It looks sooooo good! I’ve always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer, but I’m afraid it will just sit there collecting dust :)

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