Food Pusher

bulgogi in a rice bun

Regardless of the long lines and outrageous prices for street food, I can never say no to food trucks. So when Off the Grid touted 30 trucks as it made its way to Golden Gate Fields on our side of the Bay Bridge, we went! Sadly, there were only about 10 trucks that showed up, so we had something we knew was good (Curry Up Now‘s Chicken Tikka Masala burrito) and something new: KoJa Kitchen‘s bulgogi in a rice bun. The rice bun was basically a cooked rice patty that was “grilled” in one of those tortilla presses used at taquerias. Unfortunately, the rice buns got soggy and broke apart before we were half way through with it, but it was a fun concept nonetheless. Oh food trucks, I hope you’re enjoying my hard earned money.


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