Feels Like Home

the bed.



This is our bed, sans the headboard, slats and mattress. The drawers were pre-assembled so we had to carry the entire piece up 2 flights of narrow stairs. TWICE! They were so heavy it could have made up for about 2 weeks of not exercising, but it probably would have been more tedious to assemble everything on our own. Lots of sweat went into building this thing, so we better keep it for-EVER!

Sadly, the high-pile rug in the before pic did not work with our platform bed. It’s such a soft rug that feels really good under your feet, but since we got it in a 5×8, the bed was slightly angled with the rug placed horizontally at the bottom half of the bed. Instead, we switched it out for a 8×10 wool rug that I was going to use in another room. After seeing both configurations, we realized we like it better with the rug all the way around the bed anyway, so it all worked out.

Almost there!


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