DIY guestbook

We are slowly but surely getting situated and getting the hang of things. It’s feeling more and more like home and I couldn’t be more over this moving business. A couple of weeks ago we had a huge family housewarming/engagement party, which led me to my first DIY project at home.. our guestbook! J’s mom had the genius idea of having a guestbook so guests could write their mailing addresses since we will eventually need them for wedding invites. I broke in my craft room (!!!) and made a simple guestbook with a DIY book kit I had some self-adhesive canvas I had been hoarding.

I’m super duper excited to have a craft room. When J and I lived at the condo, I stored all my craft stuff on my closet floor and just wherever there was space. I felt guilty for having so much stuff, even though most of it was out of sight. It was not conducive to my productivity and creativity, not to mention an ineffective use of closet space! Also, I always had to sew and craft on our dining table because there was just no other spot to do a big project. Now I have an actual room with 2 tables/workspaces and tons of storage space! Pics soon, because I’m off to clean some more first!


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