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All partied out

Within the past two months, we’ve had three housewarming &or engagement parties at our house with tons of people and not a lot of seating. It was fun and sometimes hectic, but so worthwhile. I was telling a buddy how I love to host/entertain and he said, “People like us need people like you to bring everyone together.” So true! I handed over the responsibility for Christmas dinner to my cousin this year though because I’m so pooped and am having a case of carpel tunnel (yay). The turkey above is from our most recent party where Jason made the most scrumptious turkey we ever did have, and the key was the brine/rub that he used (Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Kit). All in all, it was so nice to see our friends and welcome them to our new home. There will be many more get-togethers to come!


2 thoughts on “All partied out

  1. vee says:

    the food was bomb even though all jenny left us was scraps of turkey! haha it seemed like every piece of that bird got devoured! i need jason’s mac and cheese recipe btw! congrats again–love you!

    • Donna says:

      thank you! it was Jen AND Peter that ate all the food but that turkey really was that good though hah. Jason is making his mac and cheese this weekend and I’m finally going to write down the recipe for once! I’ll send it to you when it happens!

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