The Lab Wedding Event

This event exceeded all my expectations. It was beautifully decorated, full of details to look at, and just overall fun! I didn’t bring Jason because well.. he would have been bored out of his mind. I already knew it. But Christina and I had a great time!

While I tried to soak in all the details, Christina was my wonderful assistant of the night and captured everything on her phone. Here are some of my faves.

These cakes were so intricate! We gave it a few (very) gentle taps and yes, they were fake ;)

Fun and modern seating!

A little sideways but it was a cylinder vase wrapped in sequin fabric. GENIUS but would probably only look good in low lighting.

Cute little groom’s lounge. That couch confirmed my need to rent a nice vintage settee or 2 chairs for the tea ceremony.

trail mix bar!

super detailed and completely letterpressed. Love the angled stripe border.

This was the booth that did it for me. The mercury vases and candle holders. The color palette. I absolutely love this!!!

Want. Love. NEED!?

excuse me while I pick up my mouth! :)


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