wedding advice

Since we’ve been engaged, we have received some wedding advice here and there. The jeweler told J to always agree with me, to say “yes dear, whatever you want, dear.” Our wedding coordinator, on the other hand, told J to never say that, to make decisions when asked. “Which do you think is better? Blue and yellow or purple and yellow?” Pick one, any one, even if the bride will most likely reply with “I like the other one better. Let’s go with that one instead.” Yep, those lucky grooms have a tough job ;)

I was going through Pinterest’s wedding section per usual and came across a good article about practical wedding planning with this little gem of wedding advice:

There is a very fine line between “The show must go on!” and “This is stupid, I’m going home.” If something about your wedding seems like way more trouble than it’s worth… it probably is. Cut it without guilt, and move on.

Amen. Already applied this to one vendor and am hoping we won’t need to a second time!


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