Frenchie Love

{Frenchie Friday} puppy proofing

Yesterday, we had to use our first piece of baby/puppy proofing product: a baby gate. We have a shaggy rug in our den that Chloe just loves to run and munch on. And when I say munch, I mean she goes to town on that thing! She usually knows what she can and cannot chew on, but this rug is a different story. When I tell her “no” enough times about something else or if I’m not giving her my undivided attention, she will purposely run right to the den and wreak havoc. Sometimes we’ll make eye contact as she is creeping down the hallway to go to the den (she always looks back), and as soon as I take a step forward or say “come here”, she runs directly for the rug and it’s game over. That girl really knows how to get me where it hurts!



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