Frenchie Love

{Frenchie Friday} big ol’ grump.

A couple days ago, my cousin was over and we were chatting it up per usual. Chloe was occupied with her toys and treats, but I checked on her often so that I knew exactly where she was at all times. If I didn’t hear her or see her from where I was sitting, I made sure to get up and look for her. After about 4 hours (we had a lot of catching up to do, obviously), Chloe dropped her beloved Kong and stood up against my legs, basically asking to be picked up. I pet her but ignored her otherwise and she walked away. I thought she would get her toys and continue to play but a couple seconds later, I saw and heard her frantically running circles on my leather couch in full speed. I knew right away that she was upset so I went over there and was able to calm her down, only to find she had marked up 4 out of the 5 seats. My cousin was so positive: “It gives the couch character…?” Yeah well, it seems Chloe has enough for the both of ’em. Lesson learned: give your pup the attention she needs, especially when it’s way past her bedtime and she’s known to be a big ol’ grump without her sleep.

Her “I’m lazy but give me attention” look

P.S. I was able to buff out the scratches with some olive oil *wipes sweat off forehead.


One thought on “{Frenchie Friday} big ol’ grump.

  1. I’m relieved to hear that my pup is not the only one. If he doesn’t get attention, his next plan of action is to destroy everything in sight. Hopefully, this is just a puppy thing :o/ Chloe is adorable though! I’m sure with a face like that, you can’t stay upset with her for very long!

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