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roll your own sushi party

The spread. Giants game/Olympics on the tellie.

I love me a good sushi dinner, so why not host a roll your own sushi party, right? I have to admit, it was a big undertaking for J & I, even with others bringing different components to contribute to the meal. Thankfully, good company always makes the work worthwhile!

We are by no means Japanese food/sushi connoisseurs, but here’s how we did it:

Early in the afternoon, J & I attempted to make tamagoyaki, or rolled sweet egg. Mine was an ugly, salty disaster but of course, J was able to make it look much more appetizing. The recipe we used was from Lunch In a Box, but we tweaked it to our taste. Although it was fun to make and something different to add to the dinner, I think I’ll do without this next time.

Later, I made mentaiko kimchee udon. I had something similar in Vancouver and was determined to replicate it for this dinner. I was skeptical about the recipe I’d found since I’d never cooked with pollock roe before, and there was nothing much to the dish besides that, udon, and kimchee, but it turned out surprisingly well! I doubled up the recipe from Momofuku via Momofukufor2. While I was cooking that, J made chicken katsu from scratch (yum) so we could free up the deep fryer for tempura later. We also prepared seafood gyoza (can do without this next time), spam, and unagi. Thank goodness we have a decent sized kitchen!

The fun part! Sushi rolling. We provided some basic ingredients: nori, rice, cucumber, avocado, pickled radish, tobiko, rice seasoning, Japanese mayo, & daikon sprouts. The rest was left to our guests to bring, and they didn’t disappoint! Salmon, smoked salmon, crab salad, hamachi. Seaweed salad. Veggies for tempura. Roast pork. Kimchee fried rice. Salad with homemade sesame dressing. Fresh mochi & fruit. Melona ice cream bars. Sake. BEER!

Wish I had more pics but they either didn’t turn out (trying to work on my manual skills) or we just didn’t get a chance to since we were so excited/eager to eat. Signs of a good dinner!


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