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like a chicken with its head cut off

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I have a lot of awkward kids, and one of them happens to be our office assistant for (thankfully) only an hour a day. He was given a task by our secretary the other day, to bring a big brown manilla envelope to the main office to drop off in the outgoing mailbox. I was in my tiny office at the time, with the door wide open. The space between me and the door is no more than 6 feet by 3 feet. The student, holding onto the envelope with his arms extended as if it were attached to an explosive device, came into my office and started walking the perimeter of the 6×3 area. It’s like his mind was racing and he was impulsively following it. ‘I have to give the envelope to my counselor (walks inside my office).. No, I have to bring it elsewhere (walks outside my office).. NO, I have to give it to my counselor! (walks inside my office)’.. repeat x5. I was watching a live version of the old cell phone game, Snake. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be worried for this kiddo of mine. I tried to get his attention but he couldn’t find the words to respond to me. As this was happening, a teacher came to my office and stopped outside the door and he too watched the kid with confusion. You’d think the student would stop, but he started walking in circles! That’s when I grabbed on to the envelope and ended the show.

Another one to add to the books.

And sadly, I can relate. I’m trying to keep afloat though and making lists on top of lists… on top of lists! Here’s to hoping I actually look at them ;)


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