Frenchie Love

a year with Chloe

It’s been a year since we brought our little Chloe monster home. She fit into my arms so easily then. Now, at 26.1 pounds, she still thinks she’s a lapdog and will walk and jump all over you. Chloe has also, to my dismay, mastered the art of jumping onto the bed. I’m in trouble now! Her new favorite thing is getting brushed. “Do you wanna brush brush?” She’ll drop whatever she’s chewing on, run to her bed, and will lay down until you get there with a brush in hand. Sometimes, she’s just too smart for her own good.


2 thoughts on “a year with Chloe

  1. It’s been a while! I can’t believe how adorable Chloe has gotten! Frenchies still make my heart melt, but I couldn’t be happier with our Parker pups :) It’s funny how they wiggle their way into our hearts and become family instantly!

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