when not to laugh.

I try really hard to not laugh when a kid tells me something that is super serious to them, but is super absurd to me. It happens a lot, as they are kids afterall. Keeping a poker face is a star that I’ve almost earned. The other day, a student of mine misplaced his jacket and iPhone. He used the school’s phone to call his dad and explain the situation. I added in what I think his dad probably said.

Kid: Dad, can you give me my cell phone number?
Dad: Why do you need your cell phone number? What happened to it?
Kid: Well, I lost my phone, it was in my jacket and I can’t find it in the locker room anymore.
Dad: Did you check the Lost and Found? Your classroom?
Kid: Yes, I did check but it’s not there! I need my cell phone number.
Dad: Why do you need your cell phone number? How will that help you find it?
Kid: Well, maybe the person who stole it will answer the phone and give it back!
KID: You never know!!

This was me:

when not to laugh.Luckily for the kid, he found his jacket and phone. Good laugh to end the work week!


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