D for Donna

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.



even if.


we did it!

now what? ;)

D for Donna, Wedding

we did it!

D for Donna

like a chicken with its head cut off

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I have a lot of awkward kids, and one of them happens to be our office assistant for (thankfully) only an hour a day. He was given a task by our secretary the other day, to bring a big brown manilla envelope to the main office to drop off in the outgoing mailbox. I was in my tiny office at the time, with the door wide open. The space between me and the door is no more than 6 feet by 3 feet. The student, holding onto the envelope with his arms extended as if it were attached to an explosive device, came into my office and started walking the perimeter of the 6×3 area. It’s like his mind was racing and he was impulsively following it. ‘I have to give the envelope to my counselor (walks inside my office).. No, I have to bring it elsewhere (walks outside my office).. NO, I have to give it to my counselor! (walks inside my office)’.. repeat x5. I was watching a live version of the old cell phone game, Snake. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be worried for this kiddo of mine. I tried to get his attention but he couldn’t find the words to respond to me. As this was happening, a teacher came to my office and stopped outside the door and he too watched the kid with confusion. You’d think the student would stop, but he started walking in circles! That’s when I grabbed on to the envelope and ended the show.

Another one to add to the books.

And sadly, I can relate. I’m trying to keep afloat though and making lists on top of lists… on top of lists! Here’s to hoping I actually look at them ;)

D for Donna

so busted.

Kids: “We’re going to band class, BYE!”
Me: “I know not all of you have band, so the ones that actually do may go.”
Kid #1: “Kid#2 has band! She plays the baritone!”
Me: “Oh really? Kid#2, what is a baritone?”
Kid#2: “An instrument, DUH!”
Kid#1: “You don’t even know what a baritone is, Ms. N!!!”
Me: “… It’s an instrument! … You may now exit my hallway.”

They keep me on my toes.


Time with family, friends, and canine friends are always welcomed and very necessary. The next two weeks month will be filled with even more of that. Lucky me :)

D for Donna

thankful, long weekend

D for Donna

hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I’m still alive, but barely. I’m sick and overly dramatic. I think this is the first time I’ve had the flu (or self-diagnosed myself with the flu) and thus have spent a ridiculous amount of time in bed either anxiously awaiting return emails from wedding vendors, or just thinking about stuff. Some things I’ve realized:

1. Weddings are expensive. No need to slap “DUH” across my forehead – I already have.

2. Finding a photographer for the wedding is like buying a house. We check them out online and if we like them enough, we contact them for further info. We set up a meeting, it goes well, we shake hands and say “we’ll be in touch.” Some don’t turn out as you’d hope, and some leave us swooning yet wondering if they’re worth the investment. We have other options and try to pursue them too. We sleep on it a little bit and the next thing you know, someone else has already jumped the gun and booked the one we wanted. With all things considered, I tell myself that everything happens for a reason.

3. My extracurricular crafting hobbies have been all over the place. At one point, I thought I was going to be a baker. Cupcake maker extraordinaire (sike). I thought I could teach myself the DSLR and be a photographer, taking photos of happy babies and lovely couples. I thought I could build websites and design graphics for a living. I thought my screenprinting thing would be the thing… then the letterpress thing came along… oh and the Etsy thing. I have a lot of things but I can’t quite pinpoint one thing that I’m good at and that I won’t get bored with.

4. The holidays are here. Where the heck has time gone?! J & I are hosting Christmas this year – I’m either going all out Martha style or nothing at all (pray for me, because I can never just do nothing). All I ask for is prime rib and a nice glass of bubbly, plus lots of others’ kids to spoil and play with!

5. Chloe never sleeps outside of her crate. We put up a baby gate to close off the den for her, in hopes that we can one day leave her outside of her crate, but in an enclosed area, while we’re out of the house. So far she’s been doing well, and now and then I even hear her snore! Nothing can get by those ears of hers so every time I try to sneak up to get a peek of where she’s sleeping or what she’s doing, she catches me in the act.

6. Fruit flies have taken over my house. I can’t find a solution for the life of me.

7. That sympathy cupcake I got for myself today was damn good. The chicken pho I had before that, however, was not.

8. It’s a 3 day weekend for both the fiance and I! I hope I’m not still sick by then. We need to watch Wreck-it Ralph and I would surely get popcorn thrown at me for this ugly cough I’m sporting!

9. I need to stop blaming work for my own lack of gettin’ shit done. So.. I’mma get shit done.

And in conclusion, I need a big ol’ serving of motivation.