Feels Like Home

mini living room update

Source, found via Pinterest

I wish this was my living room. I pinned it not once, not twice, but three times on my Pinterest board. It feels super cozy and I love the colors, but my favorite part of this room is the shelf and how it displays all the different prints, photos, etc. Changing things up when the mood strikes would be easy, something I can appreciate! We have a blank wall in our living room that could use some visual interest, so after a trip to IKEA and some power drilling…

Tada! I’m looking for the perfect poster print to place right behind everything, to the left of the heart piece (not sure what to call it). I’m going to display small pictures and cards on the heart with the help of some small clothespins. Work in progress for sure but, again, I’m loving the low/no commitment factor!

The shelf and white picture frame are from IKEA; clear bud vases from West Elm; air plants from Air Plant Shop; quote art work from Paper Source; heart from Typo; and canvas art was made by yours truly with one of my favorite Instagram pics.

Feels Like Home, Green Thumb

some more greens

A succulent heart! I planted these under the palm tree Friday morning and so far they are doing well. I just worry about it getting too cold at night!

Jason and I received a gift certificate from an old co-worker of mine to Flora Grubb, my new heaven. Succulents GALORE, which is where I picked up these among other types you won’t find at Home Depot. I squealed in the gardening aisle at Daiso when I saw the planters because I knew they’d be perfect ;)

Mini roses that I bought & replanted from Fresh & Easy.

Feels Like Home, Green Thumb

working on my black thumbs

I think some requisites for having a green thumb are patience and a gentle touch, neither of which I truly possess at the level required of a gardener. Regardless, I wanted to try my hand at arranging succulents since it seemed fairly simple to do and they are generally pretty hard to kill (I wouldn’t underestimate the power of my black thumbs though). Sure enough it was pretty simple once I had the right materials for it (namely rocks/pebbles for drainage since my containers did not have drainage holes at the bottom of it). There were moments where I was too rough with the succulents and ended up breaking some, but overall there were very few casualties. I made about 6-7 different arrangements to give away for Christmas but I think I just may keep some for myself!

succulents from Home Depot and my local nursery